Filter is a multi-award winning communication design and branding studio in Brisbane (AU) with a highly respected  industry reputation for quality design and friendly, helpful service. We consider this, the bare minimum for our creative business...


We problem solve and guide our clients through business transitions to help develop stronger market relationships. We keep it friendly, straight forward, honest, respectful and stress free for everyone from our clients all the way through to our supplier's courier.


We value and respect our award winning creative and technical network which has been developed for over 15 years. Maintaining this network both through business and social relationships, means that Filter has access to not only the best, but the most passionate creatives and suppliers. With Filter design and project management, our clients can access specialists from multiple creative disciplines and ensure they are always getting the best person for the job.




Our office is nestled in upstairs at the

Taxi Film office in West End, Brisbane.


Our process is all about questioning, understanding and using creative thinking to solve business problems.







We run the latest Adobe Creative Cloud software on multiple industry standard Mac machines to give our clients professional and expert output for both print and web. Also, by sharing our office with talented people, we can offer support in connecting our clients with Taxi, one of Australia's top commerical film production companies as well as it's cost-conscious little brother Traffic Film, a full service production company. In this environment, anything is possible – motion graphics, 3D animation, film production, photography, TVCs, online content etc.

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